Florida’s Governor’s Race has turn Racist

The race for Florida governor is the most heated in the history of Sunshine State politics. I guess when the black man runs against a white man all hell breaks loose. It shouldn’t be that way. Voters should be color blind when it comes to electing the best person for the job.

Skin color certainly didn’t influence me. In the Democratic primary, I backed former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine because I believed he offered Floridians the best hope. But he lost to Andrew Gillum, the progressive mayor of Tallahassee who is up against the racist Donald Trump political machine.

It’s really no contest. Gillum is an intelligent man who ran an entire city running against an ex-congressman whose only career accomplishment is brown nosing the president. Ron de Santis is not fit to be governor because he surrounds himself with racists and is a Trump Republican, a new breed of Tea Party conservatives who don’t give a fuck about anyone. They have no regard for women, blacks, Muslims, immigrants and anyone who has a dark complexion. They rev up their base to commit violence and have followers who shoot up black churches and synagogues. One of them, Cesar Sayoc, is accused of mailing pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and Trump critics.

De Santis and Florida Republicans are harping on an FBI investigation into lobbyists who were close to Gillum. But every city in America goes through some type of ethics and public corruption investigation. And every politician has to hobnob with lobbyists. Shit, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has a son who works as a lobbyist. He doesn’t get as much criticism as Gillum. And when politicians leave office, many of them start second careers as lobbyists.

So far, all de Santis can come up with is an undercover FBI agent giving Gillum tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway. Meanwhile, while he was in Congress, de Santis did everything he could to discredit Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigation into the Trump campaign. A probe that has resulted in the convictions of four former Trump campaign advisers and 26 Russian nationals.

As far as policy initiatives, de Santis has none and he is afraid to challenge the National Rifle Association. Gillum wants a $15 an hour minimum wage, Medicare for all and a ban on assault rifles.

I have friends who voted for Trump who are now embarrassed by him. They justified their vote by saying they didn’t want Hillary Clinton to continue four more years of Obama. Yet, Obama saved the country by bailing out the automotive and banking industries, among other accomplishments. So they were just voting for Trump because he is white.

It’s the same situation in the governor’s race. There is no reason to vote for de Santis. If you do cast a ballot for him, its because he is white. Do I agree with Gillum says? No. Is he clearly the best candidate for the job? Yes.

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