Kaepernick Sold out the Black Community

It’s a travesty that Colin Kapernick turned to an all white legal team to fight his grievance case against the NFL and the 32 team owners. Over the weekend, TMZ published a photo of the controversial quarterback wearing a massive grin and a Malcolm X t-shirt after cutting a deal that will pay him between $50 million to $80 million so he can end his lawsuit for getting blackballed in the NFL. He’s flanked by his three Caucasian lawyers, including celebrity attorney Mark Geragos.


When it comes to figuring out black voters, the Democratic Party can’t get it right. The Dems’ messaging is not resonating in the hood because the party is only speaking...

Manny Diaz Miami First Cuban Football Head Coach

Just when you thought the Miami Hurricanes season was over, a category five upheaval rocked the storied program following the embarrassing 35-3 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers in the Pinstripe...