The child body count in Miami’s African American communities continues to climb. Meanwhile, the adults in positions of power are clueless about how to stop kids from getting their hands on guns. I’ve got a plan that will tamp down the violence. Here are the five things that need to get done in order to stop the senseless crime:

1. The federal government needs to step in. In the 1990s, the feds organized a task force that took out the street gangs by hitting all the bangers on racketeering charges. Criminals are well aware of the difference between state time and federal time, which pretty much guarantees they will serve most of their sentences. Bring back former Miami-Dade County Public Schools Police Chief Gerald Darling, who is now the chief for Shelby County schools in Tennessee. When Darling was a Miami Police assistant chief, he helped dismantle Miami’s inner-city drug gangs in the late ’90s.

2. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office needs to cooperate. Instead of playing politics and protecting her turf, Katherine Fernandez Rundle has to step aside and let the feds do what they do best. She also has to enforce the 10-20-life sentencing requirements on criminals who use guns to commit a felony. Rundle is focusing too much trying to find a case to build against Miami City Commissioner Keon Hardemon and the Overtown Community Redevelopment Agency he chairs. The real criminals do not fear Rundle the same way they did her mentor, Janet Reno. The state attorney needs to get her priorities straight.

3. The Miami-Dade School Board needs to bring back vocational courses to Miami Northwestern Senior High, Miami Central Senior High, Miami Jackson Senior High, Miami Southridge Senior High, and Homestead Senior High. Not every student in these schools can go to college, so the school system has to teach them trades they can work in after graduating.

4, The Miami-Dade Children’s Trust needs send in a support team to these crime-ridden neighborhoods in order to identify the community organizations that are in good standing with the residents they serve. The trust must do everything in its power to give these groups funding for after school care and counseling for kids and their parents.

5. The county police departments and the police forces in these African American communities have to pressure the older drug dealers. The cops need to park themselves in front of every dope hole until the O.G.’s go straighten these young thugs out. That’s how problems get fixed in the streets. Dope boys don’t want anything to fuck with their money.